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Marcus Craske

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Defcon 25

Me at Defcon

Burner phone? Check. Laptop wiped? Check. Few WN722N adapters? Check.

It was that time of year again, where the InfoSec community got together in Las Vegas for the world’s largest hacking conference, with an estimated 25,000 people, for three day of: talks, hacking and...

Parrot Manager

Parrot manager logo

My side project for the last few months.

A simple cross-platform modern password manager, with the ability to synchronize a password database over SSH and make automatic backups.

Moving to Jekyll and AWS

Jekyll logo

Recently I have transitioned my website to be statically generated, using Jekyll, and moved hosting to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Not only does it load faster, due to being distributed around the world using AWS CloudFront, but it but it’s easier to maintain and reduces...

The Importance of Captcha & Free Pizza!

The Importance of Captcha & Free Pizza!

During October 2016, Papa Johns held a competition to promote their Papa Rewards system, whereby users could enter an e-mail and potentially win Papa Reward points, or receive a £10 discount.


This page contains a summary of my achievements whilst at the University of East Anglia, studying Computer Science.