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Marcus Craske

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Smart Home

Smart home dashboard

Automated lighting, hoovering, heating, energy management and information. A combination of off-the-shelf and hand-cranked code running on a Kubernetes cluster.

Mostly completed in December 2019, and tweaked throughout 2020 and 2021.

Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster

K8 and Pi logo

In this article, I setup:

  • A Kubernetes cluster using the new Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Kubernetes Dashboard.
  • Ingress using NGINX.

Many articles already exist for older Debian distributions and Raspberry Pis, so hopefully this updated set of steps helps others save time.


My Food Hygiene Ratings

App icon

My hobby Android and iOS app to allow users to find hygiene ratings of establishments (restaurants, bars, shops etc).

QCON London 2019

QCON logo

I got the opportunity this year to attend the QCON London conference, ran my InfoQ, and would absolutely recommend it to anyone interested or working in the software engineering industry, that’s proficient with technical language and subjects. Most talks were aimed at a general...

Splunk Alerts on Slack

Splunk, AWS and Slack

For those using log tools such as Splunk, you can setup alerts. These will run queries every so often and trigger actions when conditions are met e.g. count of events surpasses a threshold.

This post is about pushing those alerts from Splunk...